Santa Monica Strand House  

This charming, family beach house had not been updated since the 70's! The owners (brothers) grew up in the house and inherited it after their folks passed on. They wanted to keep the simple, beachy feel of the house they loved as kids, but also wanted to update some of the really dated features such as textured walls, popcorn ceilings, a delapidated staircase and unworking fireplace. They also wanted to open some of the walls and create more space as well as incorporate the old brick porch area into a bigger, more usable dining area.

Raku sourced all the materials and hired our fabulous contracting team as well as provided design concept advise and color consultation. The result was fantastic and the space, while having the same actual square footage, opened up immensely. The cool greys and whites with the rustic wood-grain, wide plank floors is beautiful.